VN Path Movement


On June 10th 2012, Mr. Le Thang Long on behalf of three initiators:  Mr. Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Mr. Le Cong Dinh and Mr. Le Thang Long, publicly launched the Vietnam Path Movement.

This is a non-partisan movement calling upon every Vietnamese citizen to act so that “Human Rights must be respected and protected above all and equally in Vietnam” in order to build a substantial  democracy for the people.  The movement was introduced to encouraging reception from both in-country and overseas compatriots.

Since its inception, VPM has raised significant awareness and woken up the Vietnamese people to their inherent rights.

Between September and December 2012, the movement successfully organized an online writing competition titled “Human rights and Me” with Vietnamese participants coming from all walks of life.

For the time being, VPM is preparing a charter that requires the Government of Vietnam to reform the sine qua non for sustainable development of the country based on truly upholding human rights.

Concurrently, in 2013, the movement is working on the release of and remedy for Vietnamese people whose basic rights have been violated while preparing for substantive programs and initiatives to promote human rights in Vietnam.


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